Helen’s journey started with a “classic” computer science degree at the end of the 90s but took a sharp turn toward technical writing

foojay.pngSometimes you need to modify multiple lines of code on separate lines inside IntelliJ IDEA with the same change. The fastest way to achieve that is with

multiple carets in IntelliJ IDEA

In this episode, we discussed many things about technical writing, such as the technical writer role definition, the traits of a good technical writer, and how to create good technical content, including a few gotchas that a technical writer needs to be aware of. Helen also shared with me the concept of community mentoring, and how it can be helpful for the mentee, the mentor, and the community altogether. Towards the end, Helen shared some content creation and sharing tips/hacks based on her popular blog post.


Maintainable Podcast

Robby speaks with Helen Scott, Java Developer Advocate at JetBrains. They discuss tips on how to measure team satisfaction, what is/isn’t technical debt, and the impact of being remote during a pandemic. Helen also talks about her background as a software engineer and being a technical writer.