Python you say?

In the spirit of trying to write more regular shorter blog posts I shall start with a small announcement! I am now doing some Python advocacy at JetBrains.

For all you Java folk, I’ll still be doing some Java advocacy, amplifying cool Java stuff on the socials and creating content, for example on the IntelliJ IDEA Guide. My Python journey is just beginning and I will share as much of it with you as possible. If you know of any awesome Python folk and resources in the community, I’d love to hear about them, please drop me a comment here or on the socials.

Starting a new challenge is always exciting, but I’m hopeful that with my passion for learning and sharing that journey to help others I can bring value to the community. I’m excited to work more with folk like Paul, Jodie and Benjamin, while still collaborating with other awesome developer advocates who amplify Java at JetBrains including, but not limited to, Marco, Marit and Mala. Fortunately, now I am working with Python I won’t need to change my name to something starting with “M”!


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